Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween: Jack-O-Lanterns

One of my favorite things about Halloween is carving Jack-O-Lanterns.  I consider myself to be pretty good at it, if pumpkin carving can be considered a skill!  I went looking around the internet today for some ideas of what to carve this year and realized I'm really not so good at all!  Have a look at some amazing pumpkins I found.
The following are a couple pumpkins I have carved in the last few years.  This year I'm hoping to successfully carve one like the two pictured above where the skin is peeled off and the flesh is carved with woodcarving tools.
This Jack Skellington I carved from a white pumpkin I grew myself,
and is one of the top ten carved pumpkins on DeviantArt!
This is one pumpkin that I carved Harry Potter and Voldemort on.

I will post this years pumpkin(s) on Halloween.  Have fun carving!

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