Monday, October 17, 2011

My Room

Today I'm going to give you a little tour of my bedroom, which I just tidied up, and I'm still not totally moved into after living in this house for a year and a half.  I still need to paint and hang art on the walls.  You don't want to rush these things.  Anyway, I thought you might like to see where these posts are coming from.  Here goes...

First up is my closet.  I love my bathrobe... Alice in Wonderland themed from Macy's.  I got it for christmas last year.  Next to that you can see my Lucky Brand embroidered wristlet, Coach wristlet and vintage Coach bag.  LOVE.  Oh...and you can see my beautiful Amanda Palmer calender that I look at first thing every morning to go... to be inspired by her free spirit and pure amazing-ness.  For real, I do.

  YHere's a can see that I've got a lot of empty hangers.  Lots in the wash and I switched out all my summer stuff for winter stuff.  I lost 30lbs last spring, and consequently, almost NONE of my winter clothes fit.  Looks like I get to go shopping!  You can see Oscar's electric blue parka with the fur trimmed cute!  You can also see on the shelf...that I have a thing for Vera Bradley.  That first brown purse on the left...Coach from Savers!
Yeah, I know, I should get over my closet.  I just need you to see how well I cleaned it today.  There was a pile of shoes and boots a foot deep before I cleaned it...not even kidding.  You can see my vast scarf collection hanging on the right...mostly from thrift shops, Savers, and Canal Street.  My sandals and boots are hiding behind the scarves and you can see my favorite pair of Dr. Martens peeking out on the bottom. have my amazing shoe rack from Target.  I love it and it makes me feel special.
Here's where I sleep.  Yup, in a bed.  I still need to put my new bed from IKEA together, it's only been sitting in the garage for 6 months.  I love the damask bed set from Target. Yes, I shop there a lot.  On the left is Pistachio and Marshmallow's huge cage (the rats).
Here's one of my nightstands, which are bookcases from the Christmas Tree Shop.  This one has more stuff on this is the one you get to see up close.  The first shelf has part of my cat figurine collection; these are all antique or vintage. The second shelf has philosophy books and signed cds.
Okay, top of the bookshelf.  I scored these lamps for $20 each at The Christmas Tree Shop, and they look just like some I saw at Crate and Barrel for $100 each.  More books that need a proper home.  Gotta have water in my adult sippy cup - from Bengal Tiger at the Bhagdad Zoo (on broadway), little cat jewelry boxes, and a pretty box with my remotes.
Here is my great grandmother's antique dresser on the left, then the art I need to hang.  I love my plants, especially my African violet (on the floor) which has grown to epic proportions.  Finally my desk with the chair I haven't gotten around to painting yet.  Notice a pattern here?  Like how I haven't done much of anything to really move in?
I just noticed I took this photo before I dusted the dresser.  Oops.  Well, anyway, here's my dresser with my TV, Amanda Palmer posters I still haven't framed (here's that pattern again), my stuffed dog - Fleazo - that I've had since I was four, etc...  Oh and you can see my sister's cat, Buckley, sleeping in Oscar's bed down in the bottom left corner!
Desk closeup.  Can you tell I like cats?  What have we here...framed photos of my cat Tildy and my cat Abby who passed away a few years ago, Maneki Neko cats, teacups from my late grandfather that I keep my flash drives in, porcelain owls, lots of postcards for Postcrossing, photos I don't have albums for yet, box of iPod accessories, print from Brienna on etsy.

That's it for the room tour.  Maybe I'll show you again when I actually paint and hang up the pile of art waiting in the corner!  Tomorrow is Etsy Favorites and maybe a Band Alert!

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