Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Thrifty Fun = Savers Run!

I know...could that title be any cheezier?  But come on, only the lactose intolerant don't enjoy a bit of cheese now and again.
Today my sister and I went on a Savers run.  If you haven't heard about Savers, which is Value Village in parts of the US, you are sadly missing out, living on Mars or you don't thrift, I guess.  If you think you're better than Savers, well you're not, dammit, but fine, all the more for me!  Savers is a for-profit thrift store that donates to or purchases donated items from charities and other non-profit organizations.  And it is awesome.  They have amazing deals on like-new or often new brand name and sometimes designer items!  Example:  I have 3 Coach purses (2 vintage, 1 new) that I bought at Savers which cost me a grand total of...$22.00.  Yeah.  I bought literally hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise for $22.00.  I've also gotten great vintage jewelry, books, brand name clothing and shoes (much of which is new, with original tags still attached), and collectibles.  My point is, we are obsessed with Savers and hit every one within a one hour drive every week.

Anyway, we went today and I hit the motherload of Wade Whimsies.  They're those little porcelain figures that come in Red Rose Tea.  They're highly collectable and I love them.  I know what some of you are thinking.  Those are the things your grandma used to put on the windowsill over the sink when she opened a package of tea and then eventually tossed in the trash.  Well, that's the point.  Everybody tosses them in the trash!  So some of the figures are actually quite rare and are even valuable.  How valuable?  The Whimsies usually sell on etsy and ebay for around $3.00 each, BUT this little guy, who is only about 1 1/2 inches tall...
sells for up to $50.00.  That's pretty pricey when you consider that Red Rose Tea sells for about $5.00 a box.  So back to my motherload...we found around 125 Whimsies for...wait for it...$12.00!  I added a bunch to my collection, and have around 100 left that I'm going to sell in my etsy shop! (plus I had an embarassingly fun time sorting through my spoils)  Here's a little peek at my haul:

The thing about Savers is...for all the great stuff, there is also oodles of awesomely bad stuff!  We're talking a lot of gold lame, creepy figurines, tacky housewares, etc...  They're full of both the good and's great.  So today I took some pictures of the awesomely bad for you. Enjoy!
This one is perfect for sundays if you're a member of a strict religious sect.
This was only $5.99 and I was so tempted.  SO tempted.
They even had a matching skirt.  Ahh, regret.
Hillbilly bank modeled by my beautiful sister Meghan!
STRIPPER SHOES!  Covered in kanji that may or may not have said "whore."
They did nicely showcase Meg's tattoo, though.
Remember that religious sect?  Well there are more days than just Sunday, you know.

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