Monday, October 24, 2011

Whaddaya Got In There?

Since I am fresh out of ideas today, I'm going to do something I've seen on some other blogs.  I'm going to give you a voyeuristic little peek into my purse!  I was a little surprised at some of what was in there, and it gave me an excuse to throw away approximately thirty old receipts.  They are not included in the photo!
Here's the bag, itself.  It looks gray in the photo, but really it's black.  It's from Nine West and I got it last winter at TJMaxx.  I don't tend to spend a ton on purses because I like to switch really often.  I am, however, drooling over so many of this season's Coach bags!
And, here's the contents.  I'll start in the upper left corner. 
1.  Apparently I've got a thing for lip glosses and balms because I found 6 in that red and white pouch, 4 Burt's Bees, and 2 from One. 
2.  Tiny Owl Notepad - for jotting down measurements, grocery lists, phone numbers, etc...
3.  Black and White Vinyl Change purse.
4.  Nightmare Before Christmas Mirror.
5.  Swiss Army Knife from Dad.
6.  Vera Bradley Frill Clutch that holds Benadryl (my epipen expired and I have yet to get a new one.  Shame on me!), Pill Case (Meg got me in England), Hair elastic, yet more lip balm - this one from Pangea Organics, and Purell hand Sanitizer.
7.  Old Samsung Magnet Phone.  I'm living in the stone-age.
8.  iPod Touch.
Back to the Left!
9.  Altoids.
10.  Wallet from Nine West.
Back to the Left!
11.  Keys with Vera Bradley lanyard and Dad's old key fob.
12.  Checkbook I never use.
13.  My trusty planner.  I wish it was a Filofax, but I just can't part with that much $$ for a planner.
14.  Mini Moleskine for thoughts, blog and etsy ideas, etc.
Usually there's also a water or soda bottle, my camera, and sometimes a book in there.

What's in YOUR bag?

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