Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Up to my Eyeballs

I have been up to my eyeballs, yes eyeballs, in projects.  I've been doing some supply shopping for my etsy store and planning more products to go in there...that will be happening soon.  I've had my eyes glued to Pinterest, because it is the devourer of time.  I have been planning, sketching, finding tutorials and materials, and making Christmas present projects for Mom and Meg, which I wish I could post on here because they've been so fun and creative, but they both look at this blog, so it would reveal the surprise!  I also got sick along the way, somewhere, and am still recovering...fibromyalgia makes everything worse.

I've also done almost all of my Christmas shopping; all I have left to get is some dog and cat treats and then I'm done with shopping.  Actually, I had all of my presents bought on Black Friday, which I have never done before.  I left at 7:30pm on Thanksgiving to go to the Woodbury Common Outlets, in Central Valley, NY, which were opening for Black Friday at 9:30pm ON THANKSGIVING!  They had some amazing deals and I saved a bunch of money.  At one store, what should have cost me about $200.00, only cost $85.00!  And that included a gift for myself, because the day before Thanksgiving was my birthday and I had some cash to blow!  At another store, what should have cost me $30, was only $15!  So, I really made out by going there.  It was totally insane though.  I had wanted to go into the Coach store, but there was a four hour wait just to get in!  It was cold and late and there was no way I was standing for four hours, no matter how good the deals were.  When I got home, I did some shopping online at Kohl's and got $165 worth of merchandise for $54 plus I got $15 Kohl's Cash!  My recommendation, shop on Black Friday and go to outlets on Black Friday if you can!

I'm making all of my stocking stuffers, and some of them are prototypes for things that will be in my etsy shop in the future.  Others are just fun projects I found online, mostly using Pinterest (which I am completely addicted to), that I thought people would like.  I haven't been doing much sewing lately, so Christmas has given me a good excuse to do some small sewing projects and I'm having fun.  I've also taken on a knitting project for my mother's birthday, it's a hooded neck warmer from knitpicks.
I'm doing it in an oatmeal colored acrylic yarn, Jiffy from Lion Brand, because Mom is allergic to wool.  She knows about this, so it's okay that I'm posting it here.

Later today I'll be posting some holiday tutorials that I have seen around the internet and hope I have time for before Christmas!

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