Monday, January 9, 2012

Shopping @ Woodbury Common Outlets

On Saturday, Mom, Meg and I went shopping at the Woodbury Common Outlets in Central Valley, New York.  I shopped there Thanksgiving night to get some amazing bargains for Christmas, and they had been dying to go.  It's a bit of a drive, and I must confess, I slept the whole way there and the whole way home!

I spent most of my money at the Vera Bradley Outlet, but ended up saving around $115.00!  They were having a buy two items, get one free deal and here's what I got:
Side By Side Tote in Slate Blooms
Flap Shoulder Bag in Espresso Microfiber
Clutch Wallet in Slate Blooms

I also dropped some money at the Disney Store Outlet, only about $15.00 though and I saved about $15.00!  Here's what I got:
Funko Buzz Lightyear Pop Vinyl Figure
Funko Jessie Pop Vinyl Figure

There were so many other great places, like Coach, Gap (I almost bought a pair of shoes but they only came in whole sizes and I needed a 1/2 size - boo!), Saks Off Fifth Ave, Lucky Brand, Eddie Bauer, Converse, Jimmy Choo (No, I could not afford anything there!), Fossil, Yankee Candle, etc... and I could have spent aaallllll my money, but I had to stop myself somewhere.

However.  HOWEVER, when I got home, I was browsing Funko Pop Vinyl Figures online and just happened to find some on sale @ the Disney Store.  They take PayPal now.  I just happened to have a PayPal balance because of stuff people bought from the Etsy shop, and I couldn't help myself...I bought two more figures!
Funko Alien Pop Vinyl Figure
Funko Lotso Pop Vinyl Figure

Now, I only need to buy Woody and Emperor Zurg and I have the whole Toy Story set.  I know, I'm out of control, but I've got a new collection and I can't help myself!

See you tomorrow with Tuesday Etsy Favorites!

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