Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Puppy Cuts!

What have I been up to today that has kept me from blogging?  Giving doggie haircuts, that's what.  Oscar and Ringo were both in dire need of a trip to the groomer's.  However, a trip to the groomers is quite expensive at about $60, and Oscar hates riding in the car.  So...I was just going to give their handsome little faces a trim to stretch it a bit further.  I do this all the time with Oscar, he's not too hard to trim; a few snips and as long as I can see those big brown eyes, I'm happy.

I decided to start with Ringo, because he needed a trim the worst.  He's a Malti-Pom (Maltese and Pomeranian) so he gets quite fluffy and we were losing sight of his cute little face.  Also, his mustache was giving Burt Reynolds' a run for its money.  Well, I trimmed his face and it didn't look right because his ears were too grown out and long, and his head was too shaggy.  So, I trimmed his whole head and he was looking sharp.  But...then he looked like he had a tiny head on a big shaggy body.  Meg was at work, and I didn't know what to do.  Ringo looked like he had a little black dog's head with a sheep's body.  So, I started grabbing handfuls of hair and snipping them off.  BIG handfuls.  HUGE handfuls.  This was one fluffy dog.  If you don't know anything about Malteses...they are non-shedding and their hair never stops growing, and Pomeranian's hair grows straight out, so Ringo's hair is crazy.  I'm talking FLUFFY!  When I finished, there was literally a pile of hair six inches deep about 3 feet out from my kitchen table and the table was covered, too.  Oh, and I was covered.  COVERED!  Ringo was literally HALF the size he started and he looked really good.  Then, I got scared.  I had gotten no permission to do this.  But, she didn't.  She liked the haircut...and she really liked the price!  Now that I think of it, maybe I should send her a bill for $60.  Here's Ringo...

Next up...Oscar.  Oscar is a Pugzu (Pug and Shih-tzu) so he's a husky little guy with silky non-shedding fur that grows to be about four inches long.  Oscar's big problem was his beard and his eyebrows...they get out of control.  Also, a while back, he got into some weeds and I had to trim his back end, so the fur on his front half has been about twice as long as the fur on his back half.  It was time to even things out because he looked like a body builder with a big upper body and a tiny waist.  I was going to leave it and just let the back half catch up with the front half but after I trimmed his head, it was just like with Ringo and he looked like he had a shrunken head.  Oscar has a LOT less hair than Ringo, but I had to layer it, so they each had their own challenges.  Anyway, here's Oscar...

So, that's what kept me busy today!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Etsy Favorites: Christmas Cards

It's officially the Christmas season!  Time to start sending out holiday greetings.  Here are a few I like on etsy.

$8.50 for 5 from Whimsy Whimsical

$15.00 for 10 from Julia Lundman

$12.00 for 6 from Elizabeth Ocean

$16.77 for 6 from Kay Leverton

$15.00 for 5 from Odd Fauna

$33.50 for 10 from Wood Invitations

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

The turkey is in the oven, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is just starting and we're getting ready for the family to come over and have a great day!  This year I'm thankful for my family, for my pets, for good days, for my renewed faith, for a feeling of purpose in my life, for my blog readers, and for possibilities in the future!  Don't forget to watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving tonight at 8pm EST on ABC!
Happy Thanksgiving from Curious Visions!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Etsy Favorites: Rings

This week's Etsy Favorites comes a day late, but still it comes!  Today I'm featuring rings by many talented etsians!  Enjoy!

Frog Ring, $490.00 from Metal and Stone Elite

Han Solo and Princess Leia Rings, $22 for set from Spiffing Jewelry

Art Nouveau Spoon Ring, $72.25 from Spoonier

Feather Wedding Rings, $120 for set from Happy Go Licky

Amethyst Snakeskin Silver Ring, $120 from Shop Gemini Rising

Real Sunset Moth Wing Ring, $24 from bluembrownlee

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today's my birthday and I'm turning 31...eek!  I think 31 is worse than 30 was, because last year I was 30, now I'm IN my 30's.  See the difference?  Subtle but important, and I don't like it one bit!  Anyway, I'm sorry I've been so remiss in posting lately, I've been so busy working on the shop and just busy with life in general.

Here's what I got for my birthday so far...

Meet Snowflake the Build-A-Bear

Jack Skellington Hallmark Keepsake Ornament

Fossil Hourglass Necklace

Jack Skellington & Sally Pop Vinyl Figures

Awesome Rock Necklace from Forever 21


So, I think it's self-evident that I like toys, jewelry, and Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas! Oh and money.  Who doesn't like money?  I had to promise I wouldn't spend it on my business, I had to spend it on something fun.  I LOVE all my gifts and I know I have one more from Mom on the way (it hasn't arrived in the mail yet).  Exciting!  I'm having a low-key birthday, going to the Olive Garden for dinner and having cake at home then watching American Horror Story (one of my favorites this season!).  Mom and Meg are at work all day and I'm home, so I'm going to relax and crank out an Etsy Favorites a day late.

Happy Birthday to Me!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Curious Visions Etsy Shop Grand Re-Opening!

Well, here we are!  The store is live!  I am still putting up new photos of old products, but all the new stuff is in there and ready to go.

It will be a few more days until the one-of-a-kind items are in, but I'm trying, I swear!

Check out the store, and favorite some stuff to show me you've been there.

Here's the link--> Curious Visions

So Busy!

I'm busy as a bee today taking and editing photos, making patterns, working on one-of-a-kinds and more.  The shop will be reopening it's doors tonight at 5pm, EST, and I hope you'll stop by and at the very least sign up for etsy and favorite something to let me know you've been by.

See you at 5!


Friday, November 18, 2011

Curious Visions Etsy Shop Grand Re-Opening Postponed

I am sorry to report that Curious Visions etsy shop grand re-opening is being postponed until Sunday, November 20, at 5pm EST.  This is due to my overestimation of my own speediness and some unexpected business around the Halloran house.  I hope this only increases your anticipation!

One of a kind art pieces, jewelry and collectibles will start appearing in the shop on Monday, the 21st as scheduled.

Thank you for your patience!

Friday Favorites: DIY Edible Holiday Gifts

As someone on a tight budget, I like to make some of my Christmas gifts.  The holidays are a great time to give indulgent food, because hey, we're all breaking our diet anyway, right?  And we can fix all of that holiday weight gain come New Year's Day.  Isn't that the whole idea of resolutions?

Homemade White Cake Mix
This cake mix is super easy, and with some added ingredients and
experimentation you could make it your own.  Find a fun jar and include
the instructions on some holiday paper!

Cranberry Infused Vodka
This one's just for the grown-ups!  Again, super easy and customizeable.
Pretty bottles are easy to come by, and you could even use a fun vintage
one if you wanted to splurge a bit.

Candied Bacon Fudge
Perfect for the hipster in your life.  While this seems grotesque to me,
bacon is the rage amongst the 20-30 hipster crowd, and they like their
bacon weird.  So have at it and give the kids what they like!

Flavored and Spiced Coffee Mixes
Toffee coffee, Bavarian mint, cinnamon spice and more!  This would be
a great gift with a nice mug and maybe a homemade coaster.  I really like
this one, who can I give this to?

Cinnamon Toast White Chocolate Pretzels
These look delicious and so easy to make, using only your microwave!
They're a nice twist on the traditional chocolate dipped pretzel.

Spicy Herb Roasted Nuts
Here's a savory treat to make for your loved ones. These can be
stored in the freezer for people who are overloaded with tasty gifts.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Band Alert: The Civil Wars

I think I may be the last one in America to discover The Civil Wars, the amazing duo of singer-songwriters Joy Williams and John Paul White.  Their song "Poison and Wine" was featured in it's entirety on Grey's Anatomy; they've been on Leno and Letterman; they've opened for Adele; they were featured as a VH1 "You Oughta Know" artist; both of their hit singles have been receiving heavy airplay on VH1 and CMT; they were nominated for AMA, CMT and CMA awards; they got the stamp of approval from America's sweetheart and biggest pop country star, Taylor Swift, and the list goes on.  Their album Barton Hollow debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Digital Albums chart and No. 12 on the Billboard Top 200 Chart.
I've officially been under a rock.  To be fair, though, I don't watch much TV, I don't listen to the radio and I really only listen to quite independent musicians usually.  BUT...on my sister's days off, VH1's Jumpstart is on the telly, so I've heard their two singles and finally decided to download their album, Barton Hollow, this weekend.  Amazing.  It's folk meets bluegrass meets rock and it's wonderful.  Williams and White's voices combine in beautiful harmonies that stir the soul.  The Nashville-based duo's bare-bones take on music is refreshing coming from a music industry that is increasingly focused on overproduction and throwing as much digital manipulation and auto-tune as possible into every song.
Williams comes from a pop background, citing The Beach Boys as an influence.  White could not be further from that, calling on Kris Kristofferson and Johnny Cash for inspiration.  These influences combine to make something altogether new, although with a decidedly Southern flair.
The Civil Wars' first full-length album, Barton Hollow, is available both on Amazon ($4.99) and iTunes ($7.99).

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

Artist Profile: Junko Mizuno

Junko Mizuno is a Japanese manga and lowbrow artist.  She combines cute, playful and childish imagery with blood, gore and terror.  In addition to comics, Mizuno designs original works of art, collectibles, t-shirts, calendars, posters and recently tattoo flash art for Hope Gallery Tattoo's Quick and Painful exhibition.  I got one of her designs, an owl with an apple on it's head, tattooed on my left ankle.
Most of Mizuno's work is in color, unlike the majority of manga.  Her designs are characterized by large eyes, bright colorization, a psychedelic twist and use of feminine themes.  She has produced collectible vinyl figurines, t-shirts, stationary, and plush animals to name just a few of her commercial ventures.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Curious Visions Etsy Shop Grand Re-Opening

This week I have been busy brainstorming for new products for my etsy shop, shopping for supplies, and creating new things!  Some of these new things are already in the shop with preliminary unedited snapshots, some are still on the work table, and some are still in the sketch book!  That's why I was absent from the blog over the weekend, for those of you that stopped by and noticed that I had not updated.

I wanted to offer my loyal blog readers a sneak peek at what's to come in the shop. So here are a few pictures of what's in my head and what's on the table.
command central aka the kitchen table
Multi-pocket tote to come in December
Hearts collide collection, coming in december
More from the Hearts Collide Collection, coming in December
And finally, I would like to announce that my etsy shop, also named Curious Visions, will be having it's Grand Re-Opening this Friday November 17, at 5pm EST.  There will be new products, better photos of what was already in there and there will be...wait for it...reduced prices (on jewelry that has already been in the shop) for the rest of November and all of December!

The fun will not be ending in the shop on Friday either.  You can expect one-of-a-kind products to be popping up regularly from Monday, November 21st on.  I don't want to reveal what they are just yet, but I'll give you a sneak peek on Friday, so be sure to check back then!

Etsy Favorites: Fingerless Gloves

In this chilly fall New England weather, it's the perfect time for fingerless gloves.  Here are some affordable handmade options from etsy.

$23.00 from elfinhouse
$18.00 from beatknits
$26.00 from Elisabeth26
$26.00 from LyraLyra
$19.00 from WarmAndSoft
$25.00 from Creative Tides
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